Enhanced Peace and Security

Peace and security create the right atmosphere for social and economic life. The rest development agenda cannot materialize without deliberate and sustained prevalence of peace and security. Therefore, I will deploy all necessary resources, energies, collaboration, partnership, stakeholder engagement, consultation, and dialogue in ensuring that Delta State remains peaceful and secure for its citizens, residents and local as well as foreign investors. I will adopt a governance approach hinged on equity, fairness, and inclusiveness.

Other major initiatives under social development are:

  • Build on mechanisms for early warning signals, conflict prevention, conflict
  • resolution and conflict control.
  • Engage with critical stakeholders such as traditional rulers, community leaders, youths, women, etc. to maintain peace and resolve conflicts.
  • Create platforms for cultural exchanges between communities.
  • Establish and maintain channels for policy and programmes feedback from the grassroots and stakeholders.
  • Engage youths in productive and gainful employment to mitigate youth Restiveness.
  • Collaboration among all security agencies in the maintenance of law and order.


Economic Development

Even though crude oil and gas accounts for the bulk of government revenues, agriculture and services subsectors constitute the employment and livelihoods of the people. Consequently, my economic development focus will be on improving the productivity of the non-oil sector, which is the sure pathway for prompting economic growth, tackling unemployment, and achieving inclusive progress. Our major initiatives under this component will include:

  • Growth Facilitation of Agriculture/Agribusiness and Services Subsector as well as
  • Regional Economic Potentials.
  • Creation of Gas-based Industrial Parks and Attract Manufacturing Companies
  • dependent on Gas as Feedstock.
  • Boosting Private Sector and PPP Ventures, Attracting Investment and Employment.
  • Enhancement of the State’s Economy while creatively growing new areas.
  • Promotion of MSMEs.
  • Improvement on IGR Generation and Creation of Social Safety Nets.
  • Improvement of Working Conditions and Establishment of Effective One-stop
  • Shop (OSS) for Investors to Mitigate Bureaucratic Delays.

Environmental Sustainability

Environmental development and sustainability is an important aspect of my development agenda. By circumstances of its location characteristics, Delta State is prone to several environmental risks, particularly coastal fl ooding, rainwater fl ooding, waterlogging, overfl owing of rivers and others. If not mitigated and tackled, these environmental threats can negatively impact economic activities and livelihoods of people. The policy objectives are to prevent and control environmental risks and related threats, remedy degradation from oil pollution and mining, improve waste management for better public health and environmental sanitation in urban and rural areas and make waste management more effi cient, effective and sustainable. To achieve these objectives, the policy measures will include:

  • Progressive development and enhancement of the ongoing storm drainage.
  • Care for the Environment to have Cleaner Air and Effective Climate Change.
  • Proper Waste Management, Reduction and Conversion/Recycling and more efficient use.
  • Modernization and Beautification of our Environment.
  • Identification and sustenance of all floodplains and prevention of obstructive
  • Deliberate strategy to manage pollution arising from oil spillage and mining activities.

Human Capital Development

The goal is to develop and mobilise human capital for maximum social and economic development.

My human capital development efforts will be geared towards achieving tremendous and sustainable youth-focused investments for employment and wealth creation. The objective of this component is to strengthen youth development and empowerment, improve participation and competitiveness of youths in the new economy including digital economy, ICT, creative industry, innovate crafts, sports, etc. as well as foster the community and networking of youth entrepreneurs for enterprise growth and resilience. Major initiatives under my human capital agenda includes:

  • Boost Labour Force Productivity.
  • Increase Youth Development, Empowerment and Productivity Programmes.
  • Develop and Expand High Quality Training Opportunities.
  • Improve Labour Market Flexibility.
  • Incentivize Private Sector Employment.
  • Nurture and Manage Human Resources.
  • Establish mobile skills training centres (school-on-the-wheels) to expand access to skills training and reduce costs of establishing training centres.
  • Establishment of MSMEs clusters through provision of shared (common) infrastructure and facilities for youth entrepreneurs.

Infrastructure Development

Physical infrastructure is a powerful enabler of production, economic and social life. Good quality infrastructure such as roads, bridges, power/energy, water, housing, and related facilities provide conducive environment for economic activities, businesses and investments. Efficient and reliable physical infrastructure diminishes the cost of business operations and make production activities easier and smoother. Major initiatives under this component will include:

  • Provision of efficient Energy, Electricity and Water Supplies.
  • Rehabilitation and Construction of various Transportation Infrastructure like Roads, Bridges, Jetties etc.
  • Development of ICT, Science and Technology Sectors.
  • Set up Industrial Parks with necessary facilities.
  • Support water transport systems in riverine areas by building jetties and providing vessels under public private partnership (PPP).
  • Development of affordable Housing across the Senatorial Districts.

Meaningful Development

I am determined to ensure that we embark on developmental initiatives and projects that have signifi cance and purpose. They must immensely contribute to our desire of positively moving Delta Forward. My classification and initiatives under each head of these development projects are as follows:


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