Di Peoples Democratic Party, PDP Govnorship candidate for di Delta state election Honourable Sheriff Oborevwori say e remain confident say di party go retain dia hold for di state level despite di outcome of di presidential election.

For di election wey happun on 25 February, Labour Party win wit 341,866 votes while PDP come second wit 161,600 votes.

But inside exclusive interview wit BBC Pidgin, di PDP govnorship candidate say di mata of president and govnor na two different tins entirely.

“Di party wey we dey contest wit no be APC, we no beat APC, we beat dem na, you no see di gap we give dem?”

E tok.

Di Speaker of di state House of Assembly also say e no dey worried about di line-up of candidates for di upcoming election as who e be go stand out for am.

Na God dey give power, anybody wey no like you no like you, no mata how you do reach, no mata how you do mago-mago reach e no dey work.

Delta pipo know say I be original Delta man, Warri boy wey don stay here, wey don know wetin dey, dem know me, dem know say I get di capacity, notin dey to worry about.

“Me, I be local content pesin, I be pesin wey get street credibility, dem like dose kain of pesin wey dey real no be fake, I no be artificial, I no be fake, dem know say I be original.”

Oborevwori tok.

On accusation from di Deputy Senate President and PDP Govnorship candidate wey be former member of PDP say di party bin dey do mago-mago and write results, Oborevwori say all dat na lie.

“No mind am, e don win election, di first one no be through back-door e take pass court take enta? Di 2019 own too na so e struggle struggle too na luck. E say PDP dey do mago-mago, na im dey do mago-mago, all di election wey we don win before for here, na genuine we take win am,”

Oborevwori tok.

On some of im plans for di state if e become di govnor, Oborevwori say e go continue from wia di current administration stop to do more for di pipo.

E also say e go run an all inclusive goment.

“We dey try for Delta state but I don say I go try more so dat even pesin wey dey street go get wetin e dey do. I wan do more of wetin dis goment don do, you know dis state, e get many towns wey dey inside. I want to be govnor for all Deltans, not govnor for only Urhobo, my ethnic nationality, but govnor for everi nationality wey make up dis state. Meaningful development go dey.”

E get law wey we don pass now, job and wealth creation law wey we don create, dat tin now don establish for any goment wey come, how we dey train our pipo, and wen you dey train dem you don empower dem to empower odas too.

We no go depend on only our oil, we go grow Agriculture and harness di potential of di yout, I know di problem wey dey di state, we go carri everybody along including our children. E tok.

‘I no support Deve’

On di issue of ‘Deve’ – a local illegal tax wey some youths for community dey sama anybody wey dey build structure and some wey wan establish business before dem fit commence, Oborevwori deny accusation say e support am and engage in di act.

“Deve no make company leave Warri or Delta state, difference dey between dat crisis and Deve.”

One of my opponent Deputy Senate President Ovie Omo-Agege tok for interview say na me bring Deve. If na me bring am na im I pass law as Speaker, 2018 wen I never know say I go contest election, to ban Deve?

Deve na wen pesin dey build house di youth come go dey harass dem. E different from company wey dey get problem wit oil producing community wey dem no fit negotiate, dialogue, dat na different problem.

“I be chairman of Osubi community before, as a host community wen I be chairman as a young man, as company come Shell come, na dialogue we do instead of confrontation, naim we take build Osubi airport, if I be pesin wey dey into all those ones, how dem for take build Osubi airport.”

Oborevwori tok.

“Wen I come as govnor, many tins go come, companies too.”

E add.

Oborevwori add say di law wey e pass as Speaker of Delta State House of Assembly, tok say anybody wey enta site to disturb say dem wan collect Deve na seven years imprisonment or fine of one million naira or both.

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